ElectroPuls Simulation

Are you interested in doing more than just running a sine wave or finding out the number of cycles to failure? If you are wanting to replicate real life loading conditions for your products, accelerate your product development and get more meaningful results – then read on to find out more about how an ElectroPuls is the perfect platform to help take you one step closer to simulating real life.

X-Y Stage


Instron’s XY Stage Test System is designed for automated multi-site testing of devices and components with an ElectroPuls test system. This provides a step change when testing multiple specimens or multiple locations on a single specimen. Our fully integrated, turn-key solution works side-by-side with Instron’s new WaveMatrix2 fatigue software to automate your testing, advance your research and increase your efficiency in the lab.

XY Stage Joystick

The Joystick allows you to control the stage effortless from the test workspace and build new test paths. Log test locations directly from the joystick and change the jog speed to for both coarse and fine adjustment.

XY Pathfinder Software

Software (XY Pathfinder) dedicated setup facility to interface with the XY stage when building new motion paths. Save motion paths entered via the joystick and import them directly into WaveMatrix. Advanced motion wizard allows you to build complex and repetitive paths in a fraction of the time.

Actuator Laser Sight Image

Actuator Laser Sight mounts onto the actuator centrally and projects a laser onto the XY test area to pinpoint the exact test location. The laser crosshair projects directly onto the specimen and allows users to quickly and accurately build motion paths.

Download XY Stage PDF

Auto Injector

Auto Injector Header Image


The auto-injector is becoming a vital tool for patients and doctors wishing to replace the traditional injection method. However, the manufacturers themselves require lengthy iterations in the design process to determine the spring stiffness required to achieve the required drug delivery time for a given viscosity of drug and diameter of needle. Instron’s solution to this challenge bypasses the need to physically test multiple springs by utilizing the ElectroPuls’ advanced control capabilities to produce a unique spring simulator.

Modal Control Graph Example

Modal control is an advanced feature of the 8800 controller that creates a composite channel to allow the load target to vary with actuator position.

WaveMatrix2 Dashboard

The Calculations Module in WaveMatrix is another advanced feature that can be used to automatically determine the drug delivery time and stall force of the syringe from data in the force vs. time graph.

Actuator Moving Animation

Quick response and excellent low force performance of the ElectroPuls actuator ensures an accurate simulation, even when there is friction in the syringe. A simple auto tune optimises the system using patented algorithms that are fast, effective, and produce consistent and reliable results across tests with drugs of different viscosities.

Trainer test

Trainer Test Header image
Simulating the typical gait cycle of a runner on the ElectroPuls can help shoe and shoe material manufacturers understand the durability of their designs. Replicating how products will perform in real life is becoming more and more important as competition and demands in the market increase. Traditional methods of shoe simulation use position or load control, but this does not accurately reproduce the loading of a gait cycle. Therefore at Instron, we offer the additional option to run in energy control. The ElectroPuls is able to achieve and maintain a repeatable impact of a fixed energy level over a prolonged number of cycles.

Custom Waveform Graph

A custom waveform can either be recorded directly from a sample or created to replicate the impact of an actual gait cycle. WaveMatrix software allows users to create and import their own custom waveform in the form of a CSV file. Through this custom waveform tab, customers also have the ability to specify the impact duration.

Trainer Test Animation Example

The Calculations Module, allows for the addition of virtual channels into a test method like energy, velocity, acceleration as well as the traditional transducer channels of position and force.

Advanced Amplitude Control Graph Example

Advanced Amplitude Control is a module for WaveMatrix which when used in combination with calculated or virtual channels, will allow for control of those parameters. The result is that the system will maintain a constant cycle energy applied to the specimen with each impact.